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Maple Ridge is nestled on the outskirts of the Village of Dryden, just minutes from Ithaca and Cornell University. The Village has tremendous qualities, a wonderful small town feeling, great schools, and a location close enough to enjoy the best of upstate New York.   It’s a short drive from The Finger Lakes, 70 world class wineries, and the vibrant culture that surrounds a world class university. It’s where my wife and I have lived for over 25 years, where our kids grew up, and where we’ve settled with both friends and family.  And we wanted to share what we’ve found with others.

Cindi and I created Maple Ridge to offer families a chance to build affordable homes in a beautiful setting.   You can choose your lot and custom design your home from scratch, or we can connect you with local builders to create a home from existing models.  We wanted to create the canvas, and let you paint the home of your dreams. 

If you are interested in learning more, please email me at paul@mapleridgedryden.com.  Or call me at 607-592-1150 for more information.  I’d love to show you around, introduce you to our neighbors, and have you consider Maple Ridge as a place you can call home.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Paul Simonet

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Photos courtesy of P. Simonet, N. Down, manorwoodhomes.com and American Homes of the Finger Lakes.