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Hear from our Homeowners
There was something about the phrase "friends live here" that captured our imagination.

We learned about Maple Ridge while surfing the web, for the better part of a year, from our home in England.  We were actively researching property in and around Ithaca and Tompkins County, as we knew we were planning to make a transatlantic move to the Finger Lakes.

We felt an immediate sense of the spirit of the place.  Although it is difficult to explain, something happened when we stood on that property.  Looking in each direction we saw beauty and felt a sense of peace.  And yet, we knew we would not be isolated, we would have neighbours and those neighbors would have been drawn to a place whose initial intention was to build community, to build friendships.  And so, we knew there was extraordinary potential for us to share in something that we knew would unfold and we wanted to be part of it.

From across an ocean, like a beacon, Maple Ridge called us home.  We would encourage anyone thinking of building a new home to visit and spend a quiet few moments gazing south toward Hammond Hill.  Maybe Maple Ridge will call you as well.

                 Judy & Nicholas


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